Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : The feeling ‘I have nor Realised’ is Obstruction to Realisation

Devotee : If ‘I’ am always – here and now – why do I not feel so?
Ramana Maharshi : Who says that you do not? Does the real ‘I’ or the false ‘I’? Ask yourself and you will find that it is the false ‘I’. The false ‘I’ is the obstruction which has to be removed in order that the true ‘I’ may cease to be hidden.

The feeling ‘I have nor realised’ is the obstruction to realisation. In fact, it is already realised. There is nothing more to be realised. If there were, realisation would be something new which did not yet exist, but was to come about in the future; but whatever is born will also die.

If realisation is not eternal, it is not worth having. Therefore, what we seek is not something that must begin to exist but only that which is eternal but is veiled from us by obstructions. All that
we need do is to remove the obstruction. What is eternal is not recognised as such, owing to ignorance. Ignorance is the obstruction.

Get rid of it and all will be well. This ignorance is identical with the ‘I’-thought. Find its source and it will vanish. The ‘I’-thought is like a spirit which, although not palpable, rises up simultaneously with the body, flourishes with it and disappears with it.

The body-consciousness is the wrong ‘I’. Give it up. You can do so by seeking the source of ‘I’. The body does not say: ‘I am’. It is you who say ‘I am the body.’ Find out who this ‘I’ is. Seek its source and it will vanish.

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