Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : All Concepts depend upon ‘I’-thought

Devotee : Should we not find out the ultimate reality of the world as individual and God?
Ramana Maharshi : These are conceptions of the ‘I’. They arise only after the advent of the ‘I’-thought. Did you think of them in deep sleep? Yet you existed in sleep, and the same ‘you’ is speaking now. If they were real, would they not exist in your sleep also?

They are dependent on the ‘I’-thought. Again, does the world tell you: ‘I am the world’? Does the body say: ‘I am the body’? You say: ‘This is the world’ ‘this is the body’, and so on. So these are only your conceptions. Find out who you are, and that will be the end of all doubts.

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