Thursday, April 29, 2010

Swami Rajneesh - Osho Enlightened Disciple

Swami Rajneesh is born in one of most rich family of India
and His mother was a famous bollywood actress.
But Swami Rajneesh was more inclined towards finding the inner richness.
From his childhood, He started having many Satori's and out of body experiences.
At the age of 21 He left his house and came to Osho Ashram Pune.

In Pune Ashram
Swami Rajneesh was very sincere in his search for truth
and He meditated whole heartily and sincerely.
Swami Rajneesh attained to his first samadhi at the age of 25.

When in 1990, Osho left his body
then Swami Rajneesh moved into isolation in the Himalayas.
After a silent stay of 17 years in Himalayas,
Swami Rajneesh came back to the world in 2007.

In 2007, Swami Rajneesh shared his journey to buddhahood
in his mystical ebook "Tears of The Mystic Rose"
The EBook is loved worldwide
and has been translated into 12 languages
and read by million of people.

The ebook shares many mysteries related with
Osho Sannyas movement, Samadhi and many meditation insights.
The ebook can be freely download in his Swami Rajneesh Official website

Swami Rajneesh youtube videos are available at Swami Rajneesh Videos

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