Friday, December 11, 2009

Ramana Maharshi - On meditation the relative consciousness will vanish

At 5-30 p.m. the Swiss lady complains to Sri Bhagavan that she gets a headache if meditation be prolonged for some time.

Ramana Maharshi : If the meditator and meditation be understood to be the same there will be no headache or similar complaints.

Questioner : But they are different. How shall we consider them to be the same?
Ramana Maharshi : That is due to your outlook. There is only one and there are no differences. On meditation the relative consciousness will vanish. That is not annihilation; for Absolute Consciousness arises. The Bible itself says, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” . . . If you consider yourself to be the body there is some difficulty in understanding the statement. On the other hand if you know who you really are, the Kingdom of Heaven and all are included in your true Self.

They are concepts arising after the ego has arisen. Drishtim jnanamayeem krtva pasyet Brahmamayam jagat (Direct your look within and make it absolute). With that absolute awareness realised, look without and you will realise the universe to be not apart from the realised Absolute.

Because your outlook is externally directed you speak of a without. In that state you are advised to look within. This within is relative to the without you are seeking. In fact, the Self is neither without nor within. Speaking of Heaven one thinks of it as above or below, within or without, since one is accustomed to relative knowledge. One seeks only objective knowledge and hence these ideas.

Really speaking there is neither up nor down, neither in nor out. If they were real they must be present in dreamless sleep also. For what is real must be continuous and permanent. Did you feel ‘in’ or ‘out’ in sleep? Of course not.

Questioner : I do not remember.
Ramana Maharshi : If there was anything there that could be remembered. But you admit your existence then. The same Self is now speaking. The Self who was undifferentiated in sleep is differentiated in the present state, and sees the diversity. The Real Existence is the only One devoid of objective knowledge. That is absolute consciousness. That is the state of happiness, as admitted by all of us. That state must be brought about even in this waking state. It is called jagrat sushupti. That is mukti.

Source - "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi part 2"


  1. Om Namo Bagavathe Shri Ramanaya,

    Bhagavan Shri Ramana Maharishi the power that dwells in the name itself as Shri Arunachaleshwarar.

    He is the Almighty's Avatar, anyone can attain Moksha by simply chanting Lord Arunachaleshwara or Bagavan Ramanar.

    It is not so easy to get the excitement by hearing HIS name, for infact the soul need to be blessed to feel this bliss.

    Namo Ramana

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