Friday, June 19, 2009

Ramana Maharshi Deep Sleep and Technique to Watch Dreams

Deep Sleep with out dreams is called Susphuti and it is considered very close to Samadhi State. Ramana Maharshi used to sleep very deeply in his childhood. Maharshi Sleep used to be so deep that it was difficult to wake him up.
In his childhood If Ramana Maharshi had some differences with his friends then his friends used to wait till Ramana Maharshi fall asleep and When Ramana Maharshi used to fall asleep then his friends used to come and beat him and next day when Ramana Maharshi used to wake up then he used to wonder why my body is Aching so much.

The few moments before we went enter to sleep or we come our from sleep are very important for meditation and these moments are period of transformation when some one can enter or slip into another dimension of consciousness.

e.g. If some one wants to witness his dreams then one has to be watchful of these few minutes which are between sleep and waking state. There is a flux state of few moments when we are neither in waking state nor sleep has come. These are the moments when we are changing gear from waking state to sleep state. If meditator is wakeful in these moments then one can witness the dreams and witnessing dreams means they disappear and one has dreamless sleep like Ramana Maharshi used to have in childhood.

In later years of Life Ramana Maharshi used to sleep for few hours only and used to wake up early in morning to help in the kitchen work. Ramana Maharshi always insisted on being treated like any other Ashram member and disliked any kind of special preferance given to him.


  1. i seriously doubt if maharshi would advise you to look at your dreams

  2. Thanks Prashant

    Anonymous - you are right Ramana Maharshi will not advise any one to look into dreams. Maharshi absically insisted on Self Inquiry Meditation.
    But on some occassion he accepted that If the seeker is not ripe then he needs preparation and can do mantra japa or other practices. But overall Maharshi insistence was on Practicising Who AM I technique

  3. we looking for something eyes on spritual as a hobby b cos we may do any mistakes to cover temporarly if we forgets again we come to normal life and again spritual hobby will open the door and it continues 50 % of d god within us search 1 st next come to spritual not like an hobby like an duty...


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