Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sadhu Arunachala (Major A. W. Chadwick) on 'Who Am I' Book of Bhagwan

Sadhu Arunachala (Major A. W. Chadwick) - After I had been here a day or two Bhagavan asked
somebody to give me a copy of Who am I? and told me to read it. Here is contained the essence of his teaching, though given by him as a youth of only 21 it never needed to be changed.

Bhagavan might talk all sorts of philosophy and explain systems in answer to questions, but his
teaching and instruction for Sadhana was all contained in Who am I?. Everything else, as far as he was concerned, was padding or expansion for those who were not satisfied with the simplicity and straightforward explanation of this little book. He had always insisted that the book should be sold so cheaply that it was available to the poorest and originally it cost no more than half an anna.

This wonderful little book comprises one of the first set of instructions given by Bhagavan in about I902 in writing as he was not speaking at the time. They are direct from his own experience and in no way influenced by his reading of various Upanishads and other sacred
writings which were afterwards brought to him to explain.

Later reading these books, he realized the philosophic import of what had happened to him and so was able to co-ordinate his experiences and fit them into the Hindu tradition. But in this book we have his teachings at first hand and uncoloured. Here we find their very essence and by the help of this single brochure can learn all that is necessary. No more is needed.


  1. Please correct me if i am wrong, I think it is the only work where Bhagavan gives us instructions on how to live in the world- such as we should be humble, we should be generous, and if we can only control our mind, we can live anywhere.

    I find his instructions, though few in number, when followed, have the potential to make a great change in how we interact with people.

  2. Bhagavan didn't gave much instructions on living.
    few which i remember are
    1) we don't need to leave the house for practicing self inquiry and the inquiry should be practiced all the time and there is no need to leave office work for that also.

    2) Satwic diet is good for spirituality.

    3) Maharshi always insisted on self inquiry.


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