Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ramana Maharshi Teachings on Bliss and state beyond bliss

Question - What is the light of consciousness?
Ramana Maharshi - It is the self-luminous existence-consciousness which reveals to the seer the world of names andforms both inside and outside. The existence of this existence-consciousness can be inferred bythe objects illuminated by it. It does not become the object of consciousness.
Question - What is knowledge (vijnana)?
Ramana Maharshi - It is that tranquil state of existence-consciousness which is experienced by the aspirant and whichis like the waveless ocean or the motionless ether.
Question - What is bliss?
Ramana Maharshi - It is the experience of joy (or peace) in the state of vijnana free of all activities and similar todeep sleep. This is also called the state of kevala nirvikalpa (remaining without concepts).
Question - What is the state beyond bliss?
Ramana Maharshi - It is the state of unceasing peace of mind which is found in the state of absolute quiescence,jagrat-sushupti (lit. sleep with awareness) which resembles inactive deep sleep. In this state, inspite of the activity of the body and the senses, there is no external awareness, like a child immersedin sleep1 (who is not conscious of the food given to him by his mother). A yogi who is in this stateis inactive even while engaged in activity. This is also called sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi (naturalstate of absorption in oneself without concepts).

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