Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi - One should realise Self by the Eye of wisdom

Ramana Maharshi - All scriptures without exception proclaim that for attaining salvation, the mind should be subdued. And once one knows that control of the mind is their final aim, it is futile to make an interminable study of them. What is required for such control is actual enquiry into oneself by self-interrogation – ‘Who am I?’ How can this enquiry in quest of the Self be made by means of a studying of the scriptures?

One should realise the Self by the Eye of wisdom. Does Rama need a mirror to recognise himself as Rama? That to which ‘I’ refers is within the five sheaths, whereas the scriptures are outside them. Therefore, it is futile to seek by means of the study of the scriptures, the Self that has to be realised by summarily rejecting even the five sheaths.

To enquire ‘who am I that is in bondage?’ and to know one’s real nature alone is Liberation. To keep the mind constantly turned within and to abide thus in the Self is alone Atmavichara (Self-enquiry), whereas dhyana (meditation) consists in fervent contemplation of the Self as Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being- Consciousness-Bliss).1 Indeed, at some time, one will have to
forget everything that has been learnt.

The Realised Man stands forth as That to which all the attributes enumerated by the scriptures refer. To him therefore, these sacred texts are of no use whatever.

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