Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : How to attain control over my thoughts and desires

Question : What should I do to overcome the pull of these thoughts and desires? How should I regulate my life so as to attain control over my thoughts?
Ramana Maharshi : The more you get fixed in the Self the more other thoughts will drop off of themselves. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts, and the `I'-thought is the root of all of them. When you see who this `I' is and find out where it comes from all thoughts get merged in the Self. Regulation of life, such as getting up at a fixed hour, bathing, doing mantra, japa, observing ritual, all this is for people who do not feel drawn to self-enquiry or are not capable of it. But for those who can practise this method all rules and discipline are unnecessary.

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