Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : Concentration on some particular Centre or Chakra

Question : Why doesn’t Sri Bhagavan direct us to practise concentration on some particular centre or chakra?
Sri Ramana Maharshi : The Yoga Sastras say that the Sahasrara or brain is the seat of the Self. The Purusha Sukta declares that the Heart is its seat. To enable the aspirant to steer clear of any possible doubt, I tell him to take up the thread or the clue of ‘I’-ness and follow it to its source.

Because, firstly it is impossible for anybody to entertain any doubt about this ‘I’ notion; secondly, whatever be the means adopted, the final goal is Realisation of the source of I-am-ness, which is what you begin from in your experience. If you, therefore, practise Self-enquiry, you will reach the Heart which is the Self.

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