Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : Agitation of mind is the cause of desire

Question : By constantly desiring to surrender I hope that increasing grace is experienced.
Ramana Maharshi : Surrender once for all and be done with the desire. So long as the sense of doership is retained there is the desire. That is also personality. If this goes the Self is found to shine forth pure. The sense of doership is the bondage and not the actions themselves.

`Be still and know that I am God.' Here stillness is total surrender without a vestige of individuality. Stillness will prevail and there will be no agitation of mind. Agitation of mind is the cause of desire, the sense of doership and personality. If that is stopped there is quiet. There `knowing' means `being'. It is not the relative knowledge involving the triads, knowledge, knowing and known.

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