Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramana Maharshi on raising Kundalini though Sushumna

Question : How to churn up the nadis [psychic nerves] so that the kundalini may go up the sushumna?
Ramana Maharshi : Though the yogi may have his methods of breath control for this object, the jnani's method is only that of enquiry. When by this method the mind is merged in the Self, the shakti or kundalini, which is not apart from the Self, rises automatically.

The yogis attach the highest importance to sending the kundalini up to the sahasrara, the brain centre or the thousandpetalled lotus. They point out the scriptural statement that the lifecurrent enters the body through the fontanelle and argue that,viyoga [separation] having come about that way, yoga [union] must also be effected in the reverse way.

Therefore, they say, we must by yoga practice gather up the pranas and enter the fontanelle for the consummation of yoga. The jnanis on the other hand point out that the yogi assumes the existence of the body and its separateness from the Self. Only if this standpoint of separateness is adopted can the yogi advise effort for reunion by the practice of yoga.

In fact the body is in the mind which has the brain for its seat. That the brain functions by light borrowed from another source is admitted by the yogis themselves in their fontanelle theory. The jnani further argues: if the light is borrowed it must come from its native source. Go to the source direct and do not depend on borrowed resources.

That source is the Heart, the Self. The Self does not come from anywhere else and enter the body through the crown of the head. It is as it is, ever sparkling, ever steady, unmoving and unchanging. The individual confines himself to the limits of the changeful body or of the mind which derives its existence from the unchanging Self.

All that is necessary is to give up this mistaken identity, and that done, the ever-shining Self will be seen to be the single non-dual reality. If one concentrates on the sahasrara there is no doubt that the ecstasy of samadhi ensues. The vasanas, that is the latent mental tendencies, are not however destroyed. The yogi is therefore bound to wake up from the samadhi because release from bondage has not yet been accomplished.

He must still try to eradicate the vasanas inherent in him so that they cease to disturb the peace of his samadhi. So he passes down from the sahasrara to the Heart through what is called the jivanadi, which is only a continuation of the sushumna.

The sushumna is thus a curve. It starts from the lowest chakra, rises through the spinal cord to the brain and from there bends down and ends in the Heart. When the yogi has reached the Heart, the samadhi becomes permanent. Thus we see that the Heart is the final centre.


  1. very nice explanation by Ramana maharishi.This proves that he is a real jnani.

  2. How does one stop the experiences arising out of unexpected kundalini awakening? i.e. for example if some one is possessed by some spirit-entity forcing the being to suffer mentally for further spiritual progress then how does one stop this? Is there any spiritually awakened person who can diagnose and recommend solutions to this problem?

  3. Anonymous I realize I am responding to you a full month after your query. i hope you get this or have already worked it out. You must completely surrender to Kundalini. Do not fight. It is the force of love. Think of various people and their circumstances. Feel their pain and love them. Think of your enemies and understand them. Feel compassion for everything you have interacted with. And Kundalini will take care of you.

  4. I am a sadhaka who has practice vichara for many years and experienced kundalini manifestation. Ramana said that kundalini is another name for the Self. Thus, self-enquiry does awakem the kundalini. Then Ramana also says that only self-enquiry is the practice. I am trying to understand what he said about this. Does Self-Realisation means the awakening of the kundalini, or did he mean that one shouldn't do anything related with the Kundalini


  6. Is the rising of the kundalini the Self or is it witnessed by the Self?

    1. kundalini is energy and all the energies come from the unchangeble self called Atman. Thus it is witnessed by the Self,,,

  7. splendid explanation,,,


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