Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ramana Maharshi on proper Guru Virtue of True Guru

Ramana Maharshi on proper Guru, Virtue of a True Guru

Question : How is one to decide upon a proper Guru? What is the swarupa [nature or real form] of a Guru?
Ramana Maharshi : He is the proper Guru to whom your mind is attuned. If you ask, `How to decide who is the Guru and what is his swarupa?', he should be endowed with tranquillity, patience, forgiveness and other virtues; he should be capable of attracting others even with his eyes just as a magnet attracts iron; he should have a feeling of equality towards all.

He who has these virtues is the true Guru, but if one wants to know the swarupa of the Guru, one must know one's own swarupa first. How can one know the real nature of the Guru if one does not know one's own real nature first? If you want to perceive the real nature or form of the Guru you must first learn to look upon the whole universe as Guru rupam [the form of the Guru]. One must see the Guru in all living beings.

It is the same with God. You must look upon all objects as God's rupa [form]. How can he who does not know his own Self perceive the real form of God or the real form of the Guru? How can he determine them? Therefore, first of all know your own real form and nature.

Question : Isn't a Guru necessary to know even that?
Ramana Maharshi : That is true. The world contains many great men. Look upon him as your Guru with whom your mind gets attuned. The one in whom you have faith is your Guru.

Question : What is the significance of Guru's grace in the attainment of liberation?
Ramana Maharshi : Liberation is not anywhere outside you. It is only within. If a man is anxious for deliverance, the internal Guru pulls him in and the external Guru pushes him into the Self. This is the grace of the Guru.

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