Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramana Maharshi on Free will - Destiny, Overcoming Fate

Ramana Maharshi on Free will - Destiny, Overcoming Fate

Question : Mr. B. C. Das, the Physics Lecturer, asked about free-will and destiny.

Ramana Maharshi : Whose will is it? ‘It is mine’, you may say. You are beyond will and fate. Abide as that and you transcend them both. That is the meaning of conquering destiny by will. Fate can be conquered. Fate is the result of past actions.

By association with the wise the bad tendencies are conquered. One’s experiences are then viewed to their proper perspective. I exist now. I am the enjoyer. I enjoy fruits of action. I was in the past and shall be in the future.

Who is this ‘I’? Finding this ‘I’ to be pure Consciousness beyond action and enjoyment, freedom and happiness are gained. There is then no effort, for the Self is perfect and there remains nothing more to gain.

So long as there is individuality, one is the enjoyer and doer. But if it is lost, the divine Will prevails and guides the course of events. The individual is perceptible to others who cannot perceive divine force. Restrictions and discipline are for other individuals and not for the liberated.Free-will is implied in the scriptural injunctions to be good.

It implies overcoming fate. It is done by wisdom. The fire of wisdom consumes all actions. Wisdom is acquired by association with the wise, or rather, its mental atmosphere.

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