Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ramana Maharshi on ego in deep sleep, Ego and Body

Ramana Maharshi on ego in deep sleep, Ego and Body

Question : A young Mysorean asked: How did I get this body?
Ramana Maharshi : You speak of ‘I’ and the ‘body’. There is the relationship between the two. You are not therefore the body. The question does not occur to the body because it is inert. There is an occasion when you are not aware of the body - namely, in deep sleep. The question
does not arise then. Nevertheless you are there in sleep. To whom does the question arise now?

Question : The ego.
Ramana Maharshi : Yes. The body and the ego rise up together and sink together. There is an occasion when you are not associated with the ego in deep sleep. Now you are associated with the ego. Of these two states which is your real state? You are present in sleep and the same “You” is present now too. Why should the doubt arise now and not then?

You are right in saying that it is for the ego. You are not the ego. The ego is intermediate between the Self and the body. You are the Self. Find out the origin of the ego and see if the doubt persists. Sri Bhagavan added after a few minutes: The answer, according to sastras, will be that the body is due to karma.

The question will be how did karma arise? We must say “from a previous body” and so on without end. The direct method of attack is not to depend on invisible hypotheses but to ask “Whose Karma is it? Or whose body?” Hence I answered in this manner. This is more purposeful.

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