Friday, February 20, 2009

Ramana Maharshi : What is the significance of the life of a Spiritually minded Householder

Question : What is the significance of the life of a spiritually minded householder who has to devote all his time merely to earning a living and supporting his family and what mutual
benefit do they get?
Ramana Maharshi : The discharge of his duties by a householder such as this, who works for the support of his family, quite unmindful of his own physical comforts in life, should be regarded as selfless service rendered to his family, whose needs it is his destiny to meet. It may, however, be asked what benefit such a householder derives from the family.

The answer is that there is no benefit for him from the family as such, since he has made the discharge of his duties to them a means of spiritual training and since he finally obtains perfect contentment by realising the supreme Bliss of Liberation, which is the ultimate goal of every path and the supreme reward. He therefore stands in need of nothing from the members of his family or from his family life.

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