Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ramana Maharshi - Meditation on six mystic centres (adharas)

Question : Even though the heart and the Brahmarandhra alone are the loci fit for meditation, could one meditate, if necessary, on the six mystic centres (adharas)?
Ramana Maharshi : The six mystic centres, etc., which are said to be loci of meditation, are but products of imagination. All these are meant for beginners in yoga. With reference to meditation on the six centres, the Shiva-yogins say, “God, who is of the nature of the non-dual, plenary, consciousnessself, manifests, sustains and resolves us all. It is a great sin to spoil that Reality by superimposing on it various names and forms such as Ganapati, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Mahesvara, and Sadashiva”, and the Vedantins declare, “All those are but imaginations of the mind”.

Therefore, if one knows one’s Self which is of the nature of consciousness that knows everything, one knows everything. The great ones have also said: “When that One is known as it is in Itself, all that has not been known becomes known”. If we who are endowed with various thoughts meditate on God that is the Self we would get rid of the plurality of thoughts by that one thought; and then even that one thought would vanish. This is what is meant by saying that knowing one’s Self is knowing God. This knowledge is release.

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