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Ramana Maharshi on Satsang, proximity with Guru

Ramana Maharshi on Satsang, proximity with Guru

Question : You say that association with the wise [sat-sanga] and service of them is required of the disciple.
Ramana Maharshi : Yes, the first really means association with the unmanifest sat or absolute existence, but as very few can do that, they have to take second best which is association with the manifest sat, that is, the Guru. Association with sages should be made because thoughts are so persistent. The sage has already overcome the mind and remains in peace.

Being in his proximity helps to bring about this condition in others, otherwise there is no meaning in seeking his company. The Guru provides the needed strength for this, unseen by others. Service is primarily to abide in the Self, but it also includes making the Guru's body comfortable and looking after his place of abode. Contact with the Guru is also necessary, but this means spiritual contact. If the disciple finds the Guru internally, then it does not matter where he goes. Staying here or elsewhere must be understood to be the same and to have the same effect.

Q: My profession requires me to stay near my place of work. I cannot remain in the vicinity of sadhus. Can I have realization even in the absence of sat-sanga?
Ramana Maharshi : Sat is aham pratyaya saram, the Self of selves. The sadhu is that Self of selves. He is immanent in all. Can anyone remain without the Self ? No. So no one is away from sat-sanga.

Q: Is proximity to the Guru helpful?
Ramana Maharshi : Do you mean physical proximity? What is the good of it? The mind alone matters. The mind must be contacted. Sat-sanga will make the mind sink into the Heart.
Such association is both mental and physical. The extremely visible being of the Guru pushes the mind inward. He is also in the Heart of the seeker and so he draws the latter's inward-bent mind into the Heart.

Q: All that I want to know is whether sat-sanga is necessary and whether my coming here will help me or not.
Ramana Maharshi : First you must decide what is sat-sanga. It means association with sat or reality. One who knows or has realized sat is also regarded as sat. Such association with sat or with one who knows sat is absolutely necessary for all. Sankara has said that in all the three worlds there is no boat like sat-sanga to carry one safely across the ocean of births and deaths.
Sat-sanga means sanga [association] with sat. Sat is only the Self. Since the Self is not now understood to be sat, the company of the sage who has thus understood it is sought. That is satsanga. Introversion results. Then sat is revealed.

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  1. A guru is one who has mastered the subject

    he wants to teach to his deciples.

    A SADGURU is one who has actually realised the truth

    and be above all afflictions of mind.

    and the one who is remained in his ATMAN

    and realised that ATMAN alone is real and

    all the other things are unreal.which is called MAYA

    Maya is one which appears to be real

    but it is only an illusion of the mind.

    When you are awake the mind comes,

    From the mind the world comes.

    When you fell unconcious or

    go to sleep you have no feeling, no thoughts, no world.

    This itself clearly shows that the mind that matters.

    To understand this truth the mind should be completely destroyed.
    To destroy the mind there are three process.
    First the thoughts already accumulated

    in the mind should be thrown out.
    Secondly new unwanted thoughts should not be allowed into your mind.
    Thirdly you have to watch each and every thought and discard it.

    This process is very difficult to do.
    But it can be done.
    Bagavan Ramana has shown this way to this world.
    He always remained in his atman even during waking.
    even though he was attending to his worldly duties.

    Everybody fear that if the mind is destroyed
    they will become a lunatic
    or they are not able to live in this world.
    First of all we have to understand that
    everything is done by the power of ATMAN only.
    During the sleep the entire body system is
    performing its action perfectly without the
    interfererance of the mind
    The mind is corrupting the powerrof atman,
    obstructing its full potential

    to perform our actions in a good way.

    Anyhow a small effort directed in this direction

    will open the gates of atman oneday.
    Inspite of thousands of thoughts crop up in the mind
    the thought of atman should be nourished,cherished
    before our body in which it lives get perished.


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