Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramana Maharshi on Meditation Experiences, Bliss, Sounds

Ramana Maharshi on Meditation Experiences, Bliss, Sounds

Question : When I meditate I feel a certain bliss at times. On such occasions, should I ask myself `Who is it that experiences this bliss?'
Ramana Maharshi : If it is the real bliss of the Self that is experienced, that is, if the mind has really merged in the Self, such a doubt will not arise at all. The question itself shows real bliss was not reached.

All doubts willl cease only when the doubter and his source have been found. There is no use removing doubts one by one. If we clear one doubt, another doubt will arise and there will be no end of doubts. But if, by seeking the source of the doubter, the doubter is found to be really non-existent, then all doubts will cease.

Question : Sometimes I hear internal sounds. What should I do when such things happen?
Ramana Maharshi : Whatever may happen, keep up the enquiry into the self, asking `Who hears these sounds?' till the reality is reached.

Question : Sometimes, while in meditation, I feel blissful and tears come to my eyes. At other times I do not have them. Why is that?
Ramana Maharshi : Bliss is a thing which is always there and is not something which comes and goes. That which comes and goes is a creation of the mind and you should not worry about it.

Question : The bliss causes a physical thrill in the body, but when it disappears I feel dejected and desire to have the experience over again. Why?
Ramana Maharshi : You admit that you were there both when the blissful feeling was experienced and when it was not. If you realize that `you' properly, those experiences will be of no account.

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